Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

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This isn't an information card...'s a SUMMONS! A jury summons, to be exact. Service starts two weeks from today. This is one case where not being a student really hurts. If I were, I could return the summons stating "I have finals upcoming" and be done with it. But it appears that I'll have to make a trip to Long Island in 2 weeks for this. Hopefully it will be short and painless.

This may spur me to actually pay the dues and join the Libertarian Party. Then I could say "I object to this whole process as an involuntary servitude." Also, if I get assigned to a drug case, I can tell them that I favor legalization. That should help to get me excused.

Preparations for the baseball broadcast are going OK. At least we know how to set the thing up now.
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