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days two and three: more music, more beer, more fun

As previously mentioned, I was at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale on Saturday night. I saw Allstar, and they were pretty good. Any time you get Pat Benatar, Billy Joel, and Avril Lavigne in the same show, you can't complain. Though the band had a small keyboard on stage, they made very little use of it. Most bands that I have seen that don't have a keyboard player aren't memorable, but Allstar overcame this deficiency nicely. I wore one of my two Borat themed shirts (which you can see on my MySpace profile), and this drew a few comments and laughs.

Yesterday wasn't a busy day, and right after dinner I headed out to see Ready In 10 at T. J. Finley's in Bay Shore. This band is an offshoot of Peat Moss and the Fertilizers, but playing original music instead. I have long wanted to see them, and they easily exceeded expectations last night. They were premiering a video for their song "One More Chance," which was solid, and the show that followed was high quality from the first song to the last. I purchased a T-shirt and a copy of their album "Face the World" as I left. The one disappointment was that Ryan didn't come; I invited him to the show, but he wasn't answering his phone last night.

And I did nothing of note whatsoever today. So that's that. It figures that 7:30 in the evening is when the sun finally decides to come out.

As always, the camera was out this weekend, and the shots are here:
Friday: Peat Moss and the Fertilizers
Saturday: Allstar
Sunday: Ready In 10
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