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The first thing I want to talk about tonight is the "amazing inflationary pizza." Both my roommate and I are fans of Joe's New York Pizza, which has several locations throughout the Seacoast, including one a fourth of a mile from my very-much-less-than-luxury apartment. Last Saturday night, the rain dumped on us by Tropical Storm Noel drove me to place a delivery order with Joe's. I'd expected the small cheese pizza to cost $7.55 ($6.99 menu price plus $0.56 meals tax). However, the price I was quoted was $9.59. I was puzzled by this, but I really wanted that pizza, so I let it stand. When the delivery came half an hour later, my attempt to pay with an Andrew Jackson was met with...insufficient change! I ended up forking over eleven American dollars for those 113.1 square inches of yumminess. (That's the area of a circle with a twelve-inch diameter.) Thus, when I was craving a pizza tonight, I decided I'd drive the short distance to the place to pick it up. This time, it only cost me $8.09 ($7.49 plus $0.60 in tax); I guess the extra $1.50 was the "tip" or "delivery charge." I'm quite glad I paid nearly three dollars less for the exact same thing - and the pizza was exactly what I expect from Joe's.

Earlier today, I smacked myself upside the head. This action was precipitated by my discovery that Ron Paul - the man, the legend, my Presidential candidate - spoke at UNH Friday afternoon, and I completely missed it. It might not be a huge problem; this is New Hampshire, after all, a very important state in the primary election cycle. His fourth quarter fundraising total has surpassed eight million dollars - and I've yet to make a donation. That might come after my next paycheck arrives in my bank account on Thursday.

I haven't updated tfo on the status of my ceiling! The painter finally came and chopped out all the old paint and repainted the two gaping gashes on Friday; in fact, this work progressed as I watched The Price Is Right, and as I should have been attending that Ron Paul speech at UNH. She also prepped some staining on one of our walls, and one area of the baseboard that appears to be susceptible to water damage. She said she'd be back sometime this week to finish those. Ray wasn't too happy with the work; this morning, he said a couple of things that really made no sense to me, as I have no expertise whatsoever in the painting or home construction fields. I'll ask him to clarify tomorrow night. Here's what my ceiling looked like on Tuesday afternoon, well after the leaking had stopped but well before any repairs had commenced: the heavens open my apartment.

Ray made a pilgrimage to Syracuse to see his girlfriend, and from the central region of my home state, he brought back Yuengling, several boxes of which I will be purchasing from him. He had but a single bottle during the week after I returned from leave, and gave the Traditional Lager his emphatic seal of approval. Though he couldn't obtain any during his brief stop in NYC over his leave, he was successful this weekend, and we'll both be delighting in this outstanding incarnation of the Elixir of Joy for some time to come.

The Giants didn't deserve to win yesterday's big game against the Cowboys; they allowed costly penalties to be their undoing. It doesn't get any easier next weekend in Detroit. The Islanders have not played very many games of late, but they are 9-4-0, good for the third best winning percentage in the NHL. Having games in hand on the rest of the league is seen as good, but the benefit can only be realized if those games are converted into standings points.

Since my Friday night is already filled with plans, I may head out for some enjoyment on Thursday night, and I may change tactics. That last phrase will be intentionally left vague, for possible later clarification.
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