Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

bored Matt = blog entry...

It's a duty day, but I've taken care of everything I need to do and I've still got two and a half hours until I stand watch again. So it's definitely time to write.

Last night, I went to take out my trash, and I had to chuckle. Why? Because it was 9:11 pm, and that was the first time all day I'd stepped foot outside of my apartment.

My travel plans may have been thwarted this week, but I've got on tap a few more trips to my ancestral home:

December 15-16 (Sat/Sun). Normally, I don't trek south during these stretches of forty-four consecutive hours off (like this upcoming weekend, for example). But this third weekend in December is different. Not only do I wish to compensate for not making it home for Thanksgiving, Kristen and the Noise are playing the Nutty Irishman, Farmingdale that Saturday night. I haven't seen K&TN since the second Boston road trip last March; they're not going to be in Beantown again until February 1 and 2, so this is the best shot I've got to see them in the near future.

Christmas Eve/Day. I have both these days off, and I intend to make it back to Long Island. I've only missed one Christmas (2005) since I've been in the Navy, and I'd like to keep that record intact.

January 4-10. This is the week of leave I get for the holidays, despite it being after the start of the new year. There are only four qualified Reactor Operators onboard the Submersible Death Trap; we need to have three available to maintain a watch rotation. As such, only one of us can take leave (or be away from Portsmouth) at any time. So one of us is taking a week of leave before the holiday stand down; one is taking the first half (to include Christmas); one is taking the second half (to include New Year's); and I've got a week after the stand down. I'm not mad about this at all; I get a week completely away from work just when the pace of operations is set to ramp up to a frenetic level.

Is my ceiling going to be fixed - or at least painted - when I get home tomorrow morning? Can the Islanders win the front end of their home-and-home with the Bruins? And what am I doing tomorrow night? These are the great questions of our time - well, only for me, but hey, what the hell.
Tags: long island, memphis, navy hate, new york islanders

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