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Damn, the past three days have been boring. Sunday was a shitty Sunday duty day; we had entirely too much to do for the traditional day of rest. There was administrative stuff, preparation for major maintenance, and the conduct of relatively minor maintenance. Yesterday I was at work for a while, but just twenty-four hours later, I can't remember anything particularly notable about the day, so it was effectively a waste. And today was a training (read: boredom) day. For the second week running, I even got to give some training, and it most decidedly didn't suck. Any of my co-workers who read this and disagree with the previous sentence should feel to come see me - and receive a swift kick to the nuts.

This afternoon I went questing for Superbad; I wanted to obtain a copy on HD DVD. But after visits to both Best Buy and Circuit City came up fruitless, I began to wonder whether this cinematic triumph had even been released in that format. I thus bought a standard DVD, a viewing of which I enjoy as I write this very entry. Buy a copy, if for no other reason than to increase the monetary capacity of the Judd Apatow empire, and thus enable him to create more pure works of art.

Last night I watched the Patriots snatch victory...oh, wait, they didn't so much snatch it as it was handed to them by the Ravens - NOT by the officials. I love how everyone is complaining about how biased the officials were against New England, because it was only four weeks ago that the calls went entirely the other away in Indianapolis. The Giants totally got away with one in Chicago; with a quarter of the season left, they appear to be well positioned for another first round playoff loss.
Tags: football, navy hate, superbad

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