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a post - so the duty day isn't a total waste...

Once again, we're live from Seavey Island, as the lull from today's duty drags on. Everyone with duty today had to come in about two hours earlier than normal (at the usual weekday time of 5:30). I wasn't really too pissed off about this; since I also get to leave two hours earlier tomorrow morning, there's no net loss of free time.

Over the past few days, my body has overruled my mind and decided to simply take the thing it wants most. Luckily for me, that thing is sleep. I was watching the Bears-Redskins game on Thursday night; one minute, the game was scoreless in the second quarter, and the next, Washington led 17-13 in the fourth quarter. I'd been asleep for an hour and a half. I napped again yesterday afternoon, and I certainly wanted to nod off at many points during the course of this morning's watch.

After a week of reduced drinking following last Friday night out in Durham, I hit it hard again last night. There was definitely more alcohol than I needed, but I met all the wickets this morning (read: arrived to work safely and ready to go). It'll be back to low-level consumption over this week, since I have to stretch the supply of Yuengling until I return from New York with fresh stocks next weekend - or my roommate's girlfriend visits and brings it in from Syracuse.

Right now I'm reading a thread on the Rudius Media message board about Christmas parties. This compels me to mention here that I explicitly boycotted the Submersible Death Trap's festivities at the Redhook Brewery last night. Why the hell would I pay any sum of money - even a paltry ten American dollars - to spend several hours socializing with my co-workers, a majority of whom I don't like? The other important fact in play here is that the Submarine Force is all-male; this means that pretty much the only women at the party would have been wives and significant others of the crew. As such, attendance at the party would not have served to advance toward the important life goal of turning in the V-card. Staying home and getting wasted was clearly a more suitable use of my time.
Tags: beer, navy hate

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