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the stupid get their due...

The news of Michael Vick being sentenced to 23 months in prison has given us reason anew to laugh at and be bewildered by his utter stupidity. "Okay, so I was the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, I'm beloved by the city of Atlanta, I've got a boat load of money and fame...I'll invite my crew from my old ghetto to my mansion and have dog fights on the property. Also, I'll kill the dogs that don't perform well. Oh yeah, and I'll toke up while free on bail awaiting the sentencing." I deal with some stupid people and some arrogant people at work, but few combine those two attributes quite like Vick.

I was quite amused to see someone had made a malicious edit on Soulja Boy's Wikipedia entry, replacing the album cover with one where his shirt has a giant rainbow and the words "GAY PRIDE!!" on it. The picture has already been removed, but I was able to take a screen shot of it, which I now enjoy on the computers here at work. (Edit, 3:20 pm: Thanks to the revision log, I was able to find the link for the aforementioned picture.)

My roommate has sent Beechstone a nasty-gram detailing the full spectrum of our nightmare with the living room ceiling. He did so from a Navy e-mail address; hopefully, this will give us some traction.
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