Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

double-dip Monday...'s a two-for-one special today at tfo!!

Today's mortal enemy was the dreaded "wintry mix." Driving into work this morning, I felt like I was driving a tank (although the Minivan o' War is the next best thing), crouching down to look through the tiny space on my windshield that wasn't covered in ice. By the time I reached downtown Portsmouth, I had regained full visibility, and of course, the van handled superbly all the way in. And then, on my various travels about the Seacoast this afternoon, I fought a continuing battle against dirt caking on my windshield.

Speaking of those travels, I got a lot done in under three hours after leaving work. I knocked out laundry, got some shopping done at Wal-Mart, and partook in a most excellent dinner. I was in the mood for pizza, and tonight, I'd settle for only the best - the Papelbon of pizza, if you will. Before hitting up the Durham House of Pizza, I shopped at Hayden Sports, purchasing a sweatshirt. As I checked out, I was informed that I was entitled to a free T-shirt to boot, AND I got a five-dollar coupon for their other store next door! Free stuff = repeat business. The pizza was once again of high quality, and two items of note occurred while there:
  • There was a flier for something called a "BobCat Card"; those who obtained one for $10 would also receive, and I quote, "a slice of cheese." For a half-second, I thought this was the stupidest promotional giveaway in the history of mankind. What in the hell can you do with an individually wrapped slice of American (or other) cheese? But then I realized the flier meant a slice of cheese pizza. I still thought it was funny.
  • I spent most of the meal "brushing up for my final in Psych 312 (Traits of the Alpha Male)" - and by that, I mean reading stories from Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. There were five young women at the table next to mine. I overheard one of them - who wore both a pink hat and a pink fleece - mention that the first time she'd seen her ex-boyfriend was at the gym. Five seconds later, her friend says, "that's amazing, because you don't go to the gym much." I had to bring my hand to my mouth to hide my laughter - because not only was it true, but I had said exactly the same thing to myself. Though I didn't admit to it publicly, the girls' honesty was much appreciated by me.
Tags: snow, unh, women

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