Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

oh, what a lovely tea party...

no, I'm not talking about Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, or for that matter, any other Kevin Smith movie. It's Tea Party '07, another Ron Paul campaign money bomb. The publicity of November 5 has caused an even bigger response this time around. Three and three-quarter million dollars have been donated so far today, pushing the total for the quarter to over $15,000,000 - and we've still got seven hours to go. I donated another $150 this afternoon, bringing my total for the quarter to $250. I haven't seen any media coverage of this accomplishment, but hopefully there'll be some tomorrow.

If you like and trust the government more than yourself, you have a wide array of candidates to choose from. Clinton. Obama. Giuliani. McCain. Huckabee. But if it's the other way around - if you feel the decisions in your life should not be turned over to politicians and bureaucrats in Washington - then Ron Paul is your man.

As a public service note, tonight's CBS Evening News is slated to have a segment from Paul's campaign headquarters.

"There's a fire in your eyes, and I hope you'll let it burn; there's a scream in your voice, and I hope you will be heard..." - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet"
Whether or not Paul wins the Republican nomination, this revolution has been heard. And even if liberty's worst-case scenario comes to pass and Hillary Clinton is elected President, the response to Paul's message gives us hope that it's not too late to restore the America the Founding Fathers created.
Tags: fundraising, ron paul

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