Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

all the small things...

...there have been many of them over the last several days.

Saturday I bought my first ever HD DVD, The Bourne Ultimatum - and damn, it looked good in 1080p. I also bought Don't You Fake It, the major-label debut of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. These guys are masterful songwriters and exceptionally talented musically. They're also behind a couple of awesome causes - the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and they headlined last year's Take Action! Tour against teen suicide. After I bought those, I surprised even myself by successfully replacing the bulb for my right headlight.

It has been kind of neat to live in New Hampshire in the run-up to the state's presidential primary. I'd say I've seen as many signs for the candidates this fall as I have in the previous six elections - and the last one of them was in South Carolina, another key early state. As I pulled up to Main Street in Durham, it was a beautiful sight - and it was made more beautiful by three Ron Paul signs right in the center of town. But this was the Saturday night before finals week at UNH, and thus there was next to nobody out. I thus diverted to Plan B: downtown Portsmouth, where I hadn't gone out in nearly three months. My destination was the Coat of Arms, where I spent a relaxing two hours. I'm definitely a fan of this British themed bar. Several of the patrons were in Navy dress blue; a look at the right shoulder of one identified them as part of the crew of ex-Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709), decommissioned earlier this year. Just after midnight, a few attractive women walked in, and it was quite refreshing to watch as the Sailors tried and failed to throw some game down. It began to snow just as I left the Coat of Arms...

...and when I awoke Sunday morning, everything was covered in white. Though I spent most of day watching football and tracking the Paul campaign donations, I did spend an hour in the afternoon shoveling snow. After Beechstone's first round of plowing, there was still six feet of snow behind the Minivan o' War. I wasn't taking any chances, so I cleared the space behind my car. The snow was plowed, and scraping the ice from all my windows Sunday night made Monday morning's commute much easier.

The final total raised by Ron Paul's supporters on Sunday was $6.04 million, and the haul is gaining the man some significant attention. I watched him on Glenn Beck this evening, and with a full hour to articulate his positions, he did so very well.

Roommates is heating up as its first season winds down; after watching the two latest episodes today, I have no idea what we're going to see from the last three.

Monday night and all of Tuesday was a grueling roller-coaster; that's all I wish to say about it right now.
Tags: red jumpsuit apparatus, ron paul, roommates, snow, women

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