Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

it's Christmas time in the city...

..although the city of Portsmouth may be small, it's beautiful nonetheless. In support of that statement, I submit Exhibits A and B:

Left: Congress Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; taken December 22, 2007.
Right: Main Street, Northport, New York; taken December 26, 2006.

See? An awful lot like (my ancestral) home. And just as the Village of Northport does, the City of Portsmouth suspends parking meter collections over the holidays; that said, Portsmouth lacks the same style as Northport, which covers up each meter with red and white striped plastic, making the meters look like large candy canes.

In the space of less than twenty-four hours, I completed my Christmas shopping in its entirety. I got my Mom what she asked for, my Dad is getting things in the same general category as always, and my brother will receive something that I've derived much enjoyment from during this year. I won't be shipping these gifts down to Long Island; instead, I'll be hauling them - and myself - down there in the Minivan o' War on Monday morning.

Work has let up just a bit, as we're presently into our holiday standdown. I only have to stand duty; in other words, I only have to work once every three days. This means that for two weeks, I'm spending only a third of my time on the Submersible Death Trap, as opposed to the normal one-half. And once that's done, I get a week of leave.

There's some controversy in Islander country, as their top prospect, Kyle Okposo, has left the University of Minnesota and joined the Isles' organization. It's not simply that Okposo left the Gophers mid-season; Islanders general manager Garth Snow said that Don Lucia's coaching was hurting their prospect's development*. I'm not a fan of the move; at the very least, Okposo should have waited until the end of the current season to leave Minnesota. Even if he comes in and scores twenty-five goals, or provides the spark that sends the Islanders to a playoff spot or a division title, his departure is a signal of a negative shift in priorities in the college game.

* this article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune requires a registration.

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