Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

silent night...

...maybe for some, but not here at tfo!

Today's trip to my ancestral home on Long Island was a resounding success. Not only did I make excellent time, many other breaks came my way as well. Through much of Massachusetts, I'd been pining for Subway for lunch. After going at least sixty miles and not seeing any signage for such an establishment, I diverted to Burger King. This was a wise choice, as the food was very hot and fresh. Another stroke of fortune came just north of the Connecticut-New York border, when my lower abdomen suddenly cramped. This could have been very excruciating, but for the fact that I was one mile from a service area. And as I arrived in Northport, I successfully executed Operation Yuengling Grab, obtaining much of that great Elixir of Joy; twenty-four bottles for my friend Smash, and twelve for myself. Ray has said he'll be bringing some up when he returns from his Christmas festivities, but since I had the chance to ensure the presence of Yuengling, I did so.

Speaking of Ray, he dislocated his shoulder while skiing yesterday. Last week, he bought $800 worth of new winter sports equipment. I've elected to reserve judgment on the wisdom of these purchases until later this winter, when we see how much use Ray actually gets out of it.

As I walked into my parents' house this afternoon, Mom dropped a bombshell piece of news on me, but it was a good bombshell: my brother is engaged! He and his (now) fiancé haven't set a date, but I'm totally excited for them.
Tags: long island, northport, road trips

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