Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

once more unto the breach...

As the last hours of 2007 tick away, I'm back for one final post - a post that caps a record year of activity on this blog (to be precise, this is the ninety-eighth entry of this year).

First, links back to the stories of some of my favorite events of the year:I've left out all the "I hate the boat" themed entries; there's six months of accumulated entries to prove that my workplace is a pit of despair.

What's on tap for 2008? Hopefully a lot. New Year's Day marks the commencement of my late twenties (I've reached 26 and 2/3 years); it remains to be seen if they'll be better than my mid-twenties were. One big goal for the upcoming year is to drink less; over the last few weeks, I've started on this, and I expect progress to continue.

Happy New Year!

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