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oh, sweet leave, I love thee in the face...

It's very good to be back on Long Island right now. I'm away from work for a week. I've escaped the frozen tundra of New Hampshire; the temperature (not the wind chill, the temperature) hit 0 °F last night. And the next five days will be absolutely crazy in the Granite State; with the Iowa caucuses over, the remaining six Democratic and seven Republican candidates turn all their energy to placing well in Tuesday's primaries. As I was leaving Portsmouth this morning, I saw at least twenty "Mitt Romney for President" signs on a single street corner. It's clear the New Hampshire electorate is very engaged in this process; when I stopped for a bag of ice, the lady behind the counter said, "thank God she [Sen. Clinton] came in third." She has a lot of work to do if she's going to re-establish herself as the Democratic front-runner.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee was expected to do well, but his decisive victory (nine points over second-place Romney) wasn't anticipated by anybody. I really don't see him repeating this success in New Hampshire, although he might do better in South Carolina. I was much more perturbed by this CNN analysis that said Ron Paul was "slaughtered" in the Iowa caucuses. In terms of his ordinal placement among the candidates, yes, it was low - only Rudy Giuliani (who didn't give a rat's ass about Iowa) and Duncan Hunter (who has had a lock on his one percent poll numbers) fared worse. But Paul still took ten percent of the vote, only three points less than John McCain and Fred Thompson got. Ron's still very much alive in this thing, and the outlook could easily brighten with a strong showing on Tuesday, or when the Federal Election Commission releases the fundraising numbers from last quarter, in which Paul should be at or near the top of the GOP.

Another great video clip was brought to my attention yesterday...big up to L2X Productions (YouTube) for "My New Haircut". The timing of my introduction to this clip couldn't have been better. At the end, there's a panel that reads "coming soon to a South Shore or Queens bar near you." For my sake, I'm hoping that "soon" doesn't equal "tonight," and the "South Shore or Queens bar" isn't "Mulcahy's in Wantagh." With both Big Shot and Peat Moss there tonight, it's a no-brainer. They've got a two-hour special on both Heinekens and Jager bombs tonight; while I might partake of the former, I'm staying away from the bombs.
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