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down from the ledge...

...oh, yes, today has certainly been a better day than yesterday - and given that I have duty today, that's really saying something. After getting less than five hours of sleep Tuesday night, I had to be into work ninety minutes earlier than usual - for no good reason whatsoever. The actual cause is that some people had to be there early, and we were running drills in the morning, so the Submersible Death Trap stole everybody's liberty. My drill went fairly well, as did a "level of knowledge" interview in the afternoon. What really capped off the night was being the sacrificial lamb so others could attend a drill debrief.

After a dinner stop on the way home, I got home at quarter to eight. Over the previous two days, I had a grand total of five hours of free time. When I first left work, I was very much in the mood to find a blunt object and beat my mattress with it, or simply write a large "FTN" in the snow outside the Nexus of Hate. But I felt better after eating and getting a good laugh from this RMMB thread, and especially this picture.

With this inspection over, we can now shift focus to...preparing for the real examination in two weeks! Yes, that's right, we get to repeat this silliness. The only upside is that we're still on track to get out of the shipyard in accordance with the current schedule.

I had originally planned to catch up on sleep tomorrow night, especially with the prospect of yet more snow rolling over the Seacoast. But this afternoon, I was offered an opportunity that I simply couldn't pass up. I can still use Saturday night for recovery from this hellish week.
Tags: memphis, navy hate, shipyard

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