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the long hard slog continues...

There's no letup from the Submersible Death Trap these days. A Venn diagram of "life" and "work" would show their two circles overlapping by a lot.

Something really weird happened over yesterday and today. I knew better than to drink any caffeinated beverages on Sunday; doing so would prolong and intensify my hangover. I didn't think much of it until I got up to stand the mid-watch. For the first time in a long while, I had a dream vivid enough to remember. The content of the dream isn't particularly memorable - and besides, I haven't been able to discern its meaning. Once I woke up, I had much less trouble staying awake than I normally do on the mid-watch. I have at least two bottles of Coca-Cola on most days at work, but I didn't drink any in the morning. And when I went to the vending machine to get a bottle to have with lunch, it wouldn't take any of my paper money. So I stayed with water, and have since, with the exception of a can of Coke at dinner. A weird sense of calmness settled over me this afternoon; I'm going to try a reduced caffeine regimen for a little while. And I'm taking at least one night off from drinking. As it usually is, it's not the euphoria of tonight, but the aftereffect of tomorrow that keeps me away from the beer.

There's another force that's injecting a good bit of positive energy into my life - the music of Sara Bareilles. I'd heard the hit "Love Song" on the radio several times. Last Wednesday, I finally downloaded it...and it got firmly entrenched in my mind. She very quickly progressed to the second of three stages of my musical enjoyment - I started downloading more of her stuff. She's got a good chance of reaching the third and final stage - that is to say, I go out and buy her album. As I drove home Friday, I took a closer listen to the lyrics, and saw them as a metaphor between me (as Sara) and the Navy (as whoever it is she won't write the love song for). I even made the song's opening line the quote on my MySpace profile. From everything on her site, she seems really down to earth; definitely some who'll go on the (fairly short) list of acts I want to see.

At present, I'm watching Blazing Saddles, which never disappoints. I'm almost done reading The Game; I'll have plenty to say on that real soon.
Tags: alcohol, memphis, sara bareilles

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