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another milepost in the rear-view...

...this one reads "HF 4." It's time to reference the stat sheet once again; it'll show you that my "happiness factor" - the ratio (time served in the Navy:time remaining to be served) - is now just over four. It clicked over at 1:24 p.m. EST. In layman's terms, this means that eighty percent of my enlistment is now behind me.

I bought Little Voice this evening; I was stunned to see it selling for only ten American dollars. As such, Sara Bareilles joins The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Ready In 10 at musical stage three (explained Monday night) in modern times.

It's official: Ron Paul isn't winning the Republican nomination for President. He did take the consolation prize by winning the primary for his House seat, but his party will be represented by John "why not 100 years?" McCain in November. The Democrats are going have a field day running against the senior Senator from Arizona; they'll tell us that a vote for McCain is a vote for a third term of the current administration. They could have done even better if they'd come to a decision of their own, but that wasn't to be. I think it's very likely that Obama will end up the winner; but as long as he has to deal with Clinton, he's using valuable resources that could otherwise be directed against McCain. I certainly don't blame Hillary for staying in - when you're as close to becoming President of the United States as she is, you can't and shouldn't back down. Getting back to the Paul campaign, I think he should keep it going as long as he can. When he ran for President as a Libertarian twenty years ago, Paul did a seemingly curious thing: he spoke to some groups who couldn't help him in the election. Then, just as it is now, spreading the message of freedom and liberty is vitally important.

The creator of Dungeons and Dragons died on Tuesday. I never played D&D, and I don't play any RPG's now, but reading about Gary Gygax's passing did remind me of the one trading card game to which I did fall victim: Magic: The Gathering, back in the mid-nineties. Yes, I still have the cards - but not here with me in New Hampshire. Also, I did come across another great picture on the RMMB.

And finally, some fucked up shit has gone down lately. First, an Auburn freshman gets shot to death, and then her car is found burning on the school's campus. Last night, the president of UNC's student body was killed. And lastly, somebody bombed the military recruiting office in Times Square. If you've got a beef with our foreign or defense policy, protest all you want, but don't pull shit like this.
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