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fifty-eight down, fourteen to go...

...months in the Navy, that is. Other than the first and the fifteenth (pay days), the nineteenth day of each month is my favorite - because it means another month is complete.

Last weekend wasn't too bad. Saturday night I went to the UNH v. UMass Hockey East quarterfinal. The top-seeded Wildcats won 7-2, behind two hat tricks. The teams were nearly equal in shots on goal, but New Hampshire had the finishing touch, and Massachusetts didn't. I bought a ticket to the game, but ended up not needing it - the father of one of my co-workers was testing a product, so I got in with them, and observed the action from the video camera platform above press level, right on the red line. The product itself is pretty neat; it's a disposable earpiece that lets you listen to the radio call as the game is taking place. All the earpieces were distributed on Saturday night, and there appeared to be demand for more.

After the game, I had two options: hit the bars in downtown Durham, or drive home, pick up some beer on the way, and drink in the Nexus of Hate. Driving down Main Street, I decided that I wasn't really feeling the bars, and got on the highway back home. By the time I stopped at the Wal-Mart near my apartment to pick up Samuel Adams, I realized what that really meant - I wanted to get completely stupid, shit-faced drunk, which I could not do if I had stayed in Durham. I hit the Boston Lager combatively, and passed out early in the morning.

As a result of that drinking, most of Sunday was spent fighting an unpleasant throbbing in my head. I did mostly college basketball related stuff. I watched the Big 12 championship game, then the end of the SEC championsip game, followed by the selection show. During the show, Ray returned from Saratoga Springs, with quite a bit of Yuengling. While we were unloading the beer, Cornell's placement was announced - as the fourteen seed in the South Regional, facing off against Stanford tomorrow in Anaheim. I wasn't pleased with that. After the show, I retreated to my room and assembled the Z-Bracket. I couldn't get to sleep until about 1 a.m.; given that I was up at 4:45, that sucked badly.

I'm about to start a period of shift work, where I work ten hours each day (two hours preparation and an eight hour shift). The advantages of this are that I spend less time on the boat, and I get to sleep in my own bed every night. The downside is that the shift work includes weekends, so I won't have any true off days for a while. Also, I won't be attending Tucker Max's speech at Northeastern University next Monday night, although that scene will likely be a madhouse. All things considered, it should be a good thing; I expect to drink less, probably sleep about the same, and possibly run more.
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