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oh, how it all went to shit...

...Cornell's athletic form, that is. Five days ago, spirits and hopes were high in Ithaca and throughout Big Red Nation (as much as such a thing exists), as both basketball teams had made their respective NCAA Championships, and the men's hockey team was in ECAC Hockey's final four. As previously mentioned, the gentlemen cagers laid an egg on Thursday, losing by twenty-four on a 30% shooting effort. The icers continued their recent form against their biggest rival - that is to say, they fell to the Crimson for the third time this season. A win over Colgate in the third place game doesn't do much to assuage the fact that the season is done. The carnage concluded in Bridgeport last night, as the women's basketball team did exactly what they were expected to do - they got destroyed by top-ranked Connecticut, 89-47. It was a bad run, to be sure. But I doubt there is any visible effect this morning as the sun rises over the Cornell campus. We don't riot when we win; we don't fall into collective morning when we lose. We take it in stride and move on, knowing that producing people who win at life is the most important thing - as it should be at every NCAA institution.

My bracket is surprisingly intact through the first two rounds of the tournament. 23-9 in the first round, 11-5 in the second, only one Elite Eight team out (Pittsburgh), and all my Final Four picks (UNC, UCLA, Texas, Wisconsin) still alive.

About the only tfo-worthy thing to happen to me in the last four days was getting pulled over for speeding in Durham on Saturday night. I've now been pulled over three times since I joined the Navy. I have received zero tickets since joining the Navy. I know not whether this is simply coincidence; suffice to say I'll drive a bit more carefully after next May 19. Oh, and I had Taco Bell last night, for the first time in six and a half months. I had abstained since last September, when I found sour cream in my soft tacos one day. I stopped off there for a snack last night; I figured if there was still sour cream, I'd only be out two bucks. There wasn't, I devoured the tacos, and there was much rejoicing.

I've got an interesting story about one of my co-workers. On the one hand, it makes all of us at work laugh; on the other, it does shake my faith in the human race a little bit. If I had been in the same situation, I certainly would not have even conceived of doing what this guy did. I'll post it here tomorrow.
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