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Let's get together...

...and point and laugh at the Navy. The Stupid Shall Be Punished informs me that the Navy is about to roll out its new physical training (PT) uniform. Let's take a look:

I don't need to say any more than Bubblehead did about the uniform itself. He also reminded us just how efficient this use of the SMF's resources this is - last August, when the concept was still in the formative stages. I guess the brass at headquarters needs something to keep themselves busy, as the Navy has a relatively small role in both of the current Global War on Terrorism-related campaigns.

I think it's hilarious that I'm getting the news of this uniform shift (and low-level attack on my bank account) through a retired submariner's blog, and not from my chain of command. But I can understand that. If I were in the upper echelons of the hierarchy on the Submersible Death Trap, I'd have more important things to worry about than this blue and yellow (not gold) monstrosity. Like, for example, getting the ship ready to put to sea. I would, however, hold the command at fault if we weren't told about this uniform requirement prior to the next physical readiness test (when we'll be expected to wear it). I fully expect this to happen.

This uniform is expected to be worn at all PRTs (held semi-annually) and command directed PT events. The only command directed PT we have is remedial PT, also known as the fitness enhancement program. I'm not in the best shape, but I've never failed a PRT, so I don't have to attend that. Thus, I'm going to have to shell out for clothes that I'll wear no more than three times before I separate. That's $50 (read: $25; like hell I'm springing for two sets of this crap) that I'll never get back.

Shifting hateful gears, this quote was in today's Plan of the Day:
I don't know how many times we can keep asking you to be flexible, but thanks for hanging in there.
This straight pissed me off. The boat doesn't ask us to be flexible - it demands that flexiblility. The difference is non-trivial. We understand that the SDT owns our asses; sugar-coating it like this doesn't make it any better, and imbues us with the false hope that we have control over our work climate. I'm smart enough to know better - to know that the concept of meaningful choice will remain absent from my life for another 411 days.
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