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there's a bit of joy in Portsmouth...

...because my roommate's finally out. Well, not out of the Navy, but J. Raymond officially detaches from the Submersible Death Trap today. He completed all required items on the boat yesterday. But because we're here on the Seacoast, he gets one final application of the icy cold shaft. Despite this being a homeport, the Navy inexplicably doesn't have a Personnel Support Detachment in this area. So to complete his check-out, Ray must go to the appropriate PSD - in fucking Groton. That's a 300-mile, five-hour round trip. I'm almost certain that he has to make said trip at his own expense, and with gas prices these days, that expense is non-trivial. His movers are coming tomorrow, so even though I'll be living here for a few more weeks, the curtain is about to officially fall on the Nexus of Hate.

It was a master stroke of fortune that Ray called me last May with an offer to live together. I was planning to be out on my own (just as I plan to when we return to the Armpit of New England - new glossary term!), but it totally made financial and logistical sense to take him up on the offer. Ray's been about the best roommate one could have - not once did we get into a serious argument over anything apartment-related. Of course, that wasn't just because we got along well; the fact that we both had to fend off the SDT's attempts to render us insane rendered unimportant any petty squabbles. Since I've known him, he introduced me to, among other things, Tucker Max. And a week never went by without him leaving a YouTube link on my IM. I showed him the greatness of Yuengling, something he will have total access to at the "True Nexus of Hate," his new apartment in Saratoga Springs, New York. It's strategically located - and by that, I mean it's within stumbling distance of the row of bars on Caroline Street. The thought of kicking off the Post-Navy Roadtrip on a Friday night with him, in that city, brings me hope and raises my happiness.
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