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Shift work is over, and we've only got two more major hurdles until we get underway on nuclear power and get our asses back to the Armpit of New England. Speaking of nuclear power, I made some on Friday night. The day shift was supposed to start up the reactor, but I committed a minor error in one of the calculations related to the reactor startup. Normally, such a thing would have been fixed in no more than five minutes. But the shipyard is anything but normal; the corrective action to the deficiency had to be agreed to by everybody, their mothers, their life coaches, and a sampling of random homeless bums from Portsmouth and Kittery. The actual delay was at least five hours, and thus the atom-splitting fell to my shift. Just before I took station in my least favorite tiny little room, I passed the Chief of the Boat; I said in passing, "I'm good. I'm about to start me up a reactor." He replied, "Have a blast!" As much as one can, I actually did. I went through two years of training to learn how to manage the giant game of billiards that is nuclear fission - and Friday was one of the few days I really got to apply that training. Not only that, the training was validated by the fact that the reactor did exactly what we expected it to do, even after being shut down for nine and a half months.

When I returned to my apartment after work Friday night, it was a depressing sight. But for my coffee table and vacuum cleaner, my living room was completely empty. Then I took a closer look at the kitchen, and noticed that J. Raymond had left behind a lot of stuff. Most notable was several bottles of the Elixir of Death - Captain Morgan, Hennessy, Smirnoff Green Apple, Cruzan Coconut Rum, and Bols Blue Curacao. His departure was timely, as the Beechstone maintenance team is coming in on Tuesday and ripping out all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as the countertops and cabinets. This isn't nearly as much of an inconvenience as it would be if all of Ray's stuff were still in the drawers.

I exhausted my supply of Yuengling Traditional Lager last night, so this afternoon I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some Samuel Adams. When I reached the appropriate aisle, I quickly noticed there was no Boston Lager. I instead opted for twelve bottles of Boston Ale. Three hours later, I was talking to my Dad, and he asked me if I'd heard about a Sam Adams product recall (I hadn't). Apparently, the Boston Beer Company voluntarily recalled some batches of beer after certain bottles failed routine inspection, leading to small shards of glass in the bottles. The site provides a mechanism by which you can check the code on the bottom of the bottle to see if it's affected. Fortunately, my Boston Ale is good to go - and I think I'm going to start on it right now.
Tags: beer, nuclear power, roommates, samuel adams

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