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If you're awesome and you know it...

A quick personal note before I get down to tonight's business. I drove down to New London today, and was very pleased with what I saw at Nutmeg Woods. It's pretty much set that I'll be moving in there in the near future.

It appears that Razzy's legal entanglements aren't completely behind her. Her arch-nemesis apparently pulled a Darth Vader on her and altered the deal. I won't rehash the details of this brouhaha - go read them for yourself. What I will say is that the guy in question clearly does not know when to fold 'em. He seems like he'd be very suited for a job at Naval Reactors - he's a pro at making a mountain out of a mole hill. He got way too worked up over the fact that Razzy called him out. That, and not his aversion to cunnilingus, was the real catalyst to this possibly court-bound saga. And as for damage to his reputation? He did briefly have his own blog up, so that argument is kind of a wash. Also, he fails to take into account that other blogs might pick up on this drama. Some, like IvyGate, use his full name; others, like the stupid fly twelve fluid ounces, do not. As I've already said here, I think he's a stupid head for insisting on getting head, while being unwilling to give head. Not being privy to the details, I won't comment on the other things she's said about this guy. He should read The Miss Vermont Story. Well, not so much read the story as scroll down to the bottom, and read the various PDF files detailing how Katy Johnson was totally owned by Tucker Max.

Enough about's PIMP THE RAZZYBLOG time! When I last wrote on this subject a few weeks back, I hadn't delved into the full depth and breadth of this tome. I have learned a lot from this lady - and I'm compelled to share my reactions to some of her useless bullshit. Here we go:
  • Daily Douchebag: Hayden Panetierre - wait, is that...the STANLEY CUP? She's licking the Holy Grail of sport? Oh, she's done. I'm never watching Heroes. This advances her beyond Daily Douchebag, straight to Permanent Douchebag status.
  • Kate and Camilla (aka "KatieScarlett" and "BloodyTosser") - These ladies got some skillz behind the lens; they also have hotness to be revealed when they step in front of the lens. I'm a fan.
  • Daily Douchebag: condoms - so that's the explanation for what happened at the "climax" of the PBC story! Extra irony in the fact that this entry went up on the same day as the epic tale of my return to Cornell.
  • Daily Douchebag: James Watson - I also blogged about Dr. Watson when this news came out. I've known about his tendencies for many years; my "inside source" at CSHL gives me the lowdown.
  • Daily Douchebag: RedTube - This awesome website blew up on the Submersible Death Trap several months ago; it's wonderful to know Razzy's a fellow fan. Her post mentioned Jenna Haze, which reminded me of the time I saw her feature dancing at the Gold Club in Groton. At one point, Jenna's right in front of me. She beckons me to the stage...and then rubs her cooch in my face. There was only a thin layer of fabric separating the two skin surfaces at that moment. Stupid Connecticut anti-full-nudity laws.
  • Memoirs of a Hired Twink - When I first looked at the picture in this one, I seriously thought that was a girl.
  • Daily Douchebag: Shelley Lubben - I have nothing to say about the former "Roxy," but Taryn Thomas is totally the hotness. And blogging hotness, at that. An immediate addition to my Google Reader.
  • The Smith College Vault - Razzy went to an all-female school. Though officially bisexual (and decidedly NOT "gayelle"), she has a significant bias toward those sporting one Y chromosome. These circumstances combine to produce some quality tales.
  • Vintage Razzy: The Marine in the Airport Bathroom - You simply have to read this one.
  • Daily Douchebag: cats - finally, a kindred spirit! Someone else who has an allergy-induced feline hatred.
  • Happy Kellsgiving! - Ah, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. A reminder of all the Islanders games I've seen there...and how much of a pain in the ass it is to leave the site. As Razzy points out, it's not cool that the Coliseum is nowhere near the LIRR. Long Island's transport plan was designed in the fifties, for the fifties...and is totally inadequate to the twenty-first century.
  • Daily Dude I Want to Hit: John McCain (R-AZ)...AGAIN - she might be on the Straight Talk Express, but she's a libertarian through and through. Since my permanent residence has never left my ancestral home, I still vote in the Empire State. And I'll tell you what - if the race in New York is close in the final days, I'll throw my vote to Sen. "why not 100 years?" McCain. Anything to prevent Hillary or Barack from winning.
About a day after I wrote the second of my posts about Razzy, she left a comment on that post, and gave me a link on her blog. That may well be the highest form of praise in this new era of the internets. It doesn't matter who you are or what you believe - she's got something for everybody. I look forward to the RazzyBlog really heating up on or about May 9 - that's when the trial of one R. Kelly is set to begin, and I know where I'm going for the best coverage of this legal proceeding.

Ah, excellent. I had to drop something big and important; unless something changes, I'll be at work for pretty much the next four days straight. Four hundred days left...
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