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the Submarine Force dabbles in the occult...

I've been waiting to write this post - but now this news is pretty much official. My division is currently at the personnel end strength the Seagoing Military Force prescribes. However, in the nuclear Navy, one thing that can be practically guaranteed is a personnel shortage somewhere. And so it was that the apparation of Admiral Hyman G. Rickover appeared at the Submersible Death Trap a few weeks back, demanding an offering. We were told to sacrifice one member of my division to the USS Alexandria, a Groton based boat that is short and needs a man, now.

I was sure it wouldn't be me; at the risk of being immodest, I provide a great deal of value to division, department, and ship. Of course, much of that value is a direct product of using tfo to tell the world about life on the SDT. We fought this move, but the Navy pressed, and we finally were forced into giving up AnimeFan. The orders came across two days ago, and he has to report to Alexandria on very short notice. I classify that situation by itself as a super-shaft. Yet it may escalate to an ultra-shaft if Memphis insists on taking AnimeFan underway for our sea trials. That would leave him very little time to move himself and belongings from the Seacoast - and by very little time, I mean effectively no time at all.

As much as I think losing AnimeFan amounts to addition by subtraction for us, it's a raw deal, and he doesn't deserve it. It's another example of the Navy treating people like pieces of property (a view included under Article 108 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice). Thus, it's also another reason why I'm so done with this in a year and twenty-five days.
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