Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

another holding pattern...

We were so close today. There's only one thing left for us to do before we head out to sea to make sure the shipyard put the boat back together correctly. But it seems somebody had a objection to some material problem, and rather than wait around for the authorization to go ahead, we've pushed the schedule back another day. This is really fucking frustrating - especially for me and the others in my division, because there's nothing we can do except continually be on standby. I expect we'll get the party started tomorrow.

Yesterday was an unexpected day of liberty, and it was put to good use. I closed out the cable account, paid the rent (a dumb error that I was lucky to get the chance to correct), fixed the error with the heat and water bill (I sent it without a stamp), and got most of my stuff out of my apartment. Right now, the Minivan o' War is rigged as the Moving Van o' War:
Photobucket Photobucket

I'll still need to make another run once I get all this stuff back down to the Armpit of New England. A bunch of furniture - and half my bed - are still inside the apartment. If the schedule plays as I'd like, I may even be able to get everything down to New London before the boat gets underway, using the two off days we have. That would be sweet, because I blundered and ended up with a move period after I told Beechstone I'd be out of my apartment. That would also allow me to use the move period to return to my ancestral home and visit my family. I haven't been back there since January - and it's especially important now, with my brother and his fiancé probably moving to North Carolina sometime in the next couple of months.

The continuous shifting of the schedule has ensured that a personal streak will continue in 2008. For the seventh consecutive year, I'll spend my birthday in a different place. Not since 2002 have I been in the same location on May 1 as the year before. I was still in college in Ithaca then; in the succeeding six years, I've celebrated in Northport, Goose Creek, Saratoga Springs, Groton, Fort Lauderdale, and now Portsmouth. I'll likely be on terminal leave from the Seagoing Military Force when I hit twenty-eight next year, so I expect to separate without having spent a birthday underway and underwater. I might try to artificially extend this run then. It's also now a certainty that AnimeFan isn't coming underway with us; this definitely lessens the consternation associated with his transfer to Alexandria.
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