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now, THIS is "batshit crazy"...

Once again, the Rudius Media Message Board provides material for me to write about. Right now, they're talking about this story. It's about ten months old, but it's too good to pass up. A 31-year-old woman flies from Australia to North Carolina to meet and pick up her seventeen-year-old World of Warcraft boyfriend. This would be creepy even if both the participants were in the same country and no online game was involved. I Googled the lady's name, and discovered that she copped a plea and returned to the Land Down Under last July 29. She can't contact him until this June 9, when he turns 18 - and she says she's going to try to get back together with him. What boggles me is that she claims to have sought legal advice before trying to get him to visit her in Australia. When this failed, she came to the States, and was detained on a child abduction charge. If she'd consulted an Esq. (or their Aussie equivalent), she should have damn well known that she probably wouldn't get him out of the U. S. and A., to say nothing of leaving herself. I told you at the turn of the year that I'd never play WoW. Though this really isn't related to the reasons for this stance, it adds to the pile of evidence against my taking up the game.

As I was researching the links for that, I noticed that the world's most famous apeshit lady has struck again! Amy Winehouse is reported to have been arrested on an assault charge (CNN) (BBC). You would have thought she'd get the message that U. S. Customs sent her two months ago. What message? "It's the Grammys, the biggest night in your profession, you're nominated for multiple awards...yeah, you're not getting into our country." This girl seriously needs to check herself. I would say she should check herself before she wrecks herself, but she's way past that point. And hell, I don't even think her music is that good. I'd greet her disappearance from the public scene with a smile and a hearty laugh - that is, if I even noticed it at all.
Tags: insanity, women, world of warcraft

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