Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

I love the smell of Long Island in the morning...

Back home in Northport at last, and so glad that this semester is over. Now it's all waiting on A&LS.

The trip downstate was the worst I've ever driven so far. It wasn't until I was going south on I-81 and the sun was directly on my windshield did I realize how dirty it was. So I could barely see until I stopped for gas, and was able to squeegee. Then there was the time I almost got crushed into the sidewall by a truck merging int the left lane, bringing back eerie memories of the accident I had on the way to Boston. And the traffic. Oh, the traffic. Middle of Jersey. The GWB. The Cross Bronx. The Whitestone. And to top it all off, getting on the LIE. But I made it home all right, thankfully.

The Islander game sucked last night. After the short-handed goal the Bruins scored in the first period, the Islanders could not regain their form. And the promotion of the night was free hockey sticks. Not only could I not get one, but the people that had them were banging them incessantly. That was almost worse than the loss.

The twelve hours of sleep last night was nice, but I still have shopping to do tomorrow, and that will not be fun...

I think I should make it my goal to see as many of my classmates as possible this week. Since I'm only going to be here a week, anyway.

More to come soon...

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