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College tour 2008 plan

Above you see the rough plan I hatched for the college tour I'm taking at the end of this month. I've confirmed the change in schools, and am making a brief stop in Charleston. There won't be too much drinking over the course of this trip; the tight travel schedule - in particular, the early morning departure from Charleston on the last day - means I need to keep my wits about me. Also, I'm flying from New York instead of Boston. This option was a bit cheaper, and means I won't be rushing to get to the Maroon 5 - Counting Crows - Sara B show (I'm seeing them on August 1 at Jones Beach instead). What's NOT cool is forgetting your CheapTickets password two hours after you reset it. Oh, and that Playboy is there because I was watching the Olympic swimming trials earlier tonight, saw Amanda Beard, and felt compelled to revisit the visuals in that issue.

My Toshiba laptop is a trooper - either that, or I got quite lucky. Sometime between passing out last last night and arising early this afternoon, I knocked over a cup of water on my coffee table. Some of that water definitely made contact with my computer, and I'm not sure now long it was wet for. In the several hours since, I have noticed no degradation in performance. BOOYAH!

I lost six pounds over the last underway, and I'm now well below the (totally stupid) maximum allowable weight for my height. The challenge now is to keep it off. In support of this end, I hit the treadmill this afternoon; it was also a bit of penance for how drunk I got last night. I wanted to do twenty minutes, starting at 6 mph and increasing by 0.5 at five-minute intervals. After 13 minutes, I caved and hit the panic button (actually marked "Cool Down"). I still burned some good calories and felt good at the end.

Happy Fourth of July to all!
Tags: close calls, college take two, road trips, sara bareilles

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