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winner, winner, chicken dinner!

After the frustration of the Battery Bungle two days ago, I did make it to Mohegan Sun this afternoon for some blackjack. And I left a good bit richer than when I arrived. It's nice to think that I'm still about fifty American dollars richer than when I started the day...and I bought plenty of stuff. Mostly food, but a couple of "personal entertainment items" as well. It is most helpful in the relief of stress. Yes, I concede this probably wouldn't be the case had I lost my stake. I think it's only 74% or so coincidental that I've watched Ocean's Thirteen a few times in the last several days. I'm now most definitely looking forward to the DVD release of 21 a little more than a week from now.

In the category of "things I'm not a fan of right now," I place "the All-Star break." I make this designation only because it screws with the Mets' mojo - they've won nine straight, and are one-half game off the division lead. An ideal outcome for Tuesday night would be for David Wright to hit a go-ahead home run, and then for Billy Wagner to close out the American League - in Yankee Stadium, no less.

A little bit of review for posterity. Although I finished and reviewed "Chasing Harry Winston," I've barely made a dent into "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." I really don't know why this is. Actually, that's a straight-up lie - I have some idea. It's a book about the experience of a high schooler. It's pretty deep, and I've been moved by what I've read, but high school is an area of my life that is sensitive and that I don't like to revisit. It brings me back to a time of much more turmoil than the present (most of it created by yours truly). I might try it again over the leave period, but I'm shelving it for now.

More review...this time, from things both comic and legal: Razzy's getting sued! The plaintiff in this affair is going pro se; given that he can't spell "attached," I don't see him getting very far with that. If he really wants twenty-five large, he'd have better luck trying to ascend Dick Clark's Pyramid in sixty seconds or less. I also don't understand why he needs this scratch - he does have a Ph.D. from an Ivy League institution, after all. Whatever his motivation, it seems to have given Razzy approximately 9.2 seconds' worth of pause. I highly doubt it has deterred her from rocking the socks (and likely other garments) off of Ithaca, NY, and specifically the campus of Cornell University (LET'S GO RED!), where the country's hottest virologists are getting their swerve on this weekend. I've yet to personally meet up with her, but that hasn't deterred me from reading the RazzyBlog, especially in light of events that have occurred over the past few days.

Tonight's parting shot: This challenge...and the subsequent acceptance.
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