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Why Spartans? Because I have three hundred days left in the Navy. I was going to watch that film earlier, but my body put a forceful kibosh on that plan. I'd been up since 10:30 last night, doing a myriad of things. The last of those things was the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test. Part of that test is running a mile and a half. The last time I did that run, it was on a treadmill, and I didn't have a huge problem. Today, I once again ran on a real track, and was fortunate to come home within the allotted time. After completing the run, my legs felt like Jell-O, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to drive home just then. (Once I reached my car, I was plenty ready to operate the Minivan o' War's pedals.) About an hour after I arrived back at my apartment, my body waved the white flag, and I laid down, only to awake three hours later. Once again, the demands of my job stretch the limits of what my body should do. But on this night, I'm slightly more disposed to being run ragged, because I'm less than three-quarters of a day from beginning two weeks of leave. Placing the PRT behind me means that I won't have to come in while on said leave to accomplish it.

Continuing in the category of "things I may have to do while I'm on leave," the situation with my physical I talked about five days ago. I got some of it done, but I have plenty to go, and the possibility of finishing this over leave is still very real. I'm not a fan, but when the words "disqual" and "de-nuke" are thrown around, one must listen.

I'll be back with more tomorrow, once this leave period officially kicks off. In particular, some "lulz," as have been requested by a friend of mine.
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