Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

"Your livejournal is lacking. Needs more lulz. improve. :P"

All right, J. Raymond, I'll circulate the lulz that you brought to my attention Monday night:

McCain shouldn't have been placed behind a tank. They could have had him dive-bombing a ship (a surface ship, of course).

Awesome post from Tucker on the Beer in Hell blog today. I want to quote this paragraph here, because it resonated with authority:
Even though the two groups are both integral to making a movie and they need each other, as a general rule, both groups hold each other in some sort of contempt. Above the line people think below the line are not as good as them, and below the line think that above the line people are overpaid prima donnas. I know I have heard all sorts of things from other above the line people about how below the line crew are just mercenaries, they don't care about the movie just about their paycheck, that they'll cheat and steal the first chance they get, etc, etc.
A simple analogy is due: "above the line people" : "below the line people" :: "Navy officers" : "Navy enlisted."

The medical drama has resolved itself pretty well; I have to go in for the physical next Wednesday, but I can and will handle that. My first stop this morning was the optometry center at NBHC Groton, where I was told what I already knew: when it comes to distance vision, my right eye sucks. I even know why this is - I have long had a habit of sleeping on the right side of my face, exposing the right eye to pressure. I've tempered this behavior since joining the Seagoing Military Force, but I still do it occasionally. What I was surprised to learn was that the general content of my blood is downright nasty. I have a pretty good suspicion as to the cause of this - over the last year, my diet has really turned to shit. While the boat and I were on the New Hampshire Seacoast, I had a much wider array of food choices, even at work. This led me to get away from eating boat food as much as I could. I didn't expect that course of action to cleanse me, but my eyebrows raised when I heard the numbers. I know what I should do about this, but honestly, I'm not sure if I'm going to carry forward with it.

So last night I was reviewing some stuff from the past, and I went to the site of one Alia Sabur, who reminds me just how not smart I actually am. Three days before my nineteenth birthday...that would have been April 28, 2000. I seem to recall some studying for the finals associated with my second undergraduate semester, and probably getting ready for my first Slope Day. I was most certainly NOT securing an appointment as a university professor at a younger age than anyone else in history. It is an amazing irony that I may soon be seeking admission to the applied mathematics and statistics program at Stony Brook University. To paraphrase but heavily alter a quote from Wedding Crashers, "Kick-ass bloggery and world-record smarts! That's what Northport does!"

I was going to go see "The Dark Knight" tonight, but when I got to the movie theater, there was a sizable line. I'm not a fan of jam-packed screenings - I prefer a lighter crowd, up to maybe two-thirds full. I was going to see it tomorrow afternoon, but another movie suddenly appeared on my horizon. One of my friends whose opinion I much respect is pimping this particular indie film, and pimping it hard. The thing is, it's only playing in New York City and LA this weekend. I'm seriously considering getting myself to New York tomorrow, to catch both this movie and the ballgame at Shea tomorrow night.

Leave = the hotness. Two weeks. Aw, yeah...
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