Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

I know I said this last week...

...but I still love New York City. I'll make this a quick list of things deserving props from last night:
  • The Long Island Rail Road
  • The New York City Subway
  • Social Bar and Lounge - 795 Eighth Avenue, between 48th and I have my NYC spot. (Personal to anyone BRMB-affiliated who reads this: "Up, down, around the head! Who said head? I'll have some of that!")
  • New York Citysearch, for directing me to Social
  • Heidi Watney, again - but seriously, why is a bar in Midtown Manhattan showing NESN on multiple screens?
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • The medical sales guy and Babe Ruth fan, who saw the last Old Timers' Day in the current Yankee Stadium
  • The bachelorette party
  • The "lemon drop" shot - yes, the Elixir of Death was out last night
  • The bride-to-be and the cute redhead from the bachelorette party
  • My timing and navigational skill, guiding me the fourteen blocks from Social back to Penn Station
  • These people (but NOT their destination, because it wasn't Northport)
  • J. Raymond and RB, for enduring some drunken texts
  • My mom, for being cool about my slightly excessive loudness at a late hour
A lot of good wins. Not the ultimate win in that realm, but oh well.
Tags: alcohol, beer, new york city, women

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