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A few random shallow thoughts

I have added a new site to my Google Reader - Blog Maverick, run by one Mark Cuban. Most know him as the rabid owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and a frequent contributor to whatever fund or charity gets the fines levied by the NBA. He's also deep into the sweepstakes for the ownership of the Chicago Cubs. If nothing else, he gained infamy by serving customers at a Dairy Queen several years back. But he's also a savvy businessman who made his fortune through the sale of his to Yahoo!. Today he drops an excellent post on the issue of movie piracy. The MPAA would do well to take heed.

As I researched last night's lengthy post, I was reminded of - and briefly mentioned - that one of the original collegiate sex columnists (females, invariably) was an Yalie. Natalie Krinsky ran with her "Sex and the (Elm) City" column in the Yale Daily News, all the way to a book deal. Now, I have no intention of buying or reading Chloe Does Yale, but a brief foray into the archives of her work shows that it wasn't bad. In the course of this research, I got to some imagery of the lady - and had I known that would have been in New Haven the year after my arrival, I might have considered Yale. It also leads me to recall the sex columnist retained by the Cornell Daily Sun this past year. She was an entertaining read; generally I agreed with her points of view, and she showed some cojones by admitting to an physical condition that I figure many women would go to some length to conceal.

I've gotten started on Michael Ian Black's latest book, "My Custom Van." Quality humor. I only knew of its release when he challenged Tucker Max to a fight...a challenge that was easily accepted. I've long been a fan of Mr. Black, all the way back to his days on "The State." I still crack up when I see his classic skit "$240 Worth of Puddin'." Long ago, I actually posted the full transcript as an entry here.

The replacement (but most definitely not new) car is signed, sealed, and delivered. More to follow on this.
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