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meet my new ride...

the Blue Trooper!

Name: the "Blue Trooper"
Year/Make/Model: 1994 Nissan Altima GXE
Color: Blue. Or green, depending on who you ask. The registration says blue, so that's what it is, clowns.
Mileage: > 201,500
Fuel efficiency: ≥ 25 mpg
Sound system: AM/FM radio and tape deck...but I have a tape adapter, so iPod compatibility is maintained
Inherent theft resistance: High, due to the age, but less than the Minivan o' War
Inherent female resistance: MUCH lower than the Mo'W

Mom and I closed the deal on the transfer of the Blue Trooper to me on Monday, and I'm very pleased. For a small fee, I've managed to maintain the zero American dollars per month car payment. She handles quite well, as proven during full-power testing on Sunday (I took her down to the beaches on Fire Island). All that's left for me to do with this is register her with the base in Groton, so she can get Department of Defense stickers. As unhappy as I am to see the Minivan o' War go, I'm doing quite all right in the near future with this.

The status of the PNR is up in the air right now. I'd like to take the Blue Trooper, but with the mileage already on her, it might be questionable. I think that if I take care of her properly, she'll be fine. And besides, this is a decision that can be deferred for a few months.
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