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I am back up here in what my ex-roommate calls "the State of Fail," and have taken care all things Blue Trooper-related. It was just as easy on this side of the Sound as on the other.

About two minutes after I left the Ancestral Palace, I heard the traffic report on WBLI. "Westbound Northern State backed up...delays on the westbound LIE...Southern State westbound, a mess..." - and I laughed. For I was heading eastbound, and would not be subject to the morning rush into NYC. The ferry was, as usual, a wise choice. Having a clean trip naturally enhances the journey, one that rolls through the North Fork's wineries. Someday I'll have to take RB through there - with me as the designated driver, of course.

Cross Sound Ferry gets hated on a lot by old school Long Islanders, because their recent expansion (fueled by the opening of the twin casinos in the Armpit of New England) threatens the rustic nature of the North Fork. I, a semi-regular customer of this service, cannot join in this bashing. I've been pleased by their service every time I've sailed with them. Today they accommodated my early arrival to the terminal by getting me across half an hour earlier than the time I'd booked. This is the second time they've done this for me; in the other instance, the extra time was most beneficial, as there was a torrential downpour on Long Island that evening. I have had to endure nearly hour-long waits a couple of times. But CSF couldn't help in those cases - because I was sailing on the first ferry of the day. They also have a boat (the Cape Henlopen) that's been converted from a World War II tank landing ship that was at Normandy on D-Day. I'll be rolling with these guys for as long as I'm left in the Navy - and maybe longer, should I settle out on Long Island and feel a sudden need to get my gambling fix on. Because you know they're never going to build the bridge over the Sound.
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