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closing out Northport on a high note...

...once again, Facebook provides an unexpected win.

My original plan for last night was to head over to RB's house. He hosts a little wine tasting once a week, and there was also the possibility of Brewmeister bringing over some of his home-brewed craft. All that changed just before 5 p.m., when I saw an update from one of my oldest friends from back in the day, BtL. "BtL" stands for "Behind the Lens"; he has always been interested in film. We go back to the time of single digit age. He said he was "looking for people to meet at Naps." That's short for Napper Tandy's, one of the only bars around frequented by the local under-thirty set. I texted him, and then something weird happened. I thought I saw him as I was picking up dinner from McDonald's. I wasn't sure, and I was on a timetable since I had Mom's food as well, so I left. A minute later I get a call from him saying he'd be out late (I was driving, so I couldn't answer). This immediately took priority over everything else. BtL lives on the West Coast, and I was leaving for Connecticut the next morning. It is, therefore, a rare thing for us both to be in Northport at the same time. My attitude was that nothing short of a call from a woman promising immediate sex would derail our meeting. It was that important.

I arrived at Napper's, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of relatively young people in the place on a Wednesday night. It was nearly an hour before I found BtL, and it was a most welcome reunion. In relative terms, it hasn't been too long since I last saw him - only since December 2006 in New York City. He was rolling with two of his friends from California. BtL and one of the friends had clearly been drinking prior to their arrival - because they were throwing down game without regard to anything. We ended up talking to a couple of young women who were fairly close in age to BtL and me. I ended up being there longer than the other guys. At first, I thought I'd simply outlasted them. On further review, it's more likely that they bailed because they realized they wouldn't make any headway, and by then, those two were the last ladies in the bar. They both eventually admitted to having boyfriends. I had no way of verifying that statement; regardless, I was out of there within three minutes.

It was a great capstone to two wonderful weeks. Given that I lost a car during this past leave, you can rest assured that the good times were indeed that good.
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