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and now, for some randoms - and a recap...

Shortly before I left Napper Tandy's last night, I saw the breaking news alert on SNY showing that Brett Favre had been traded to the Jets. Of the two women with whom I was chatting at the time, one was a Jets fan, and the other pulled for Big Blue, as do I. I was, of course, compelled to point out that the Giants are WORLD CHAMPIONS. The lady who rooted for Gang Green was NOT pleased with the transaction. And throughout today, I have seen more negative reaction. According to Facebook, Bizarro is "is hoping the Jets will do the right thing.... and trade Favre to the Vikings." Double-A "isn't happy about the Favre situation, but will have to deal." (They're both friends of mine from the Cornell era, and fellow Big Red Bones. Trumpets suck.) I think it's an immediate shot in the arm for a team that won only four games last year. On the flip side, I totally understand the concerns people might have, especially about chemistry. On the woefully named Monday Night Countdown, there was some reporting from Cleveland (site of the Jets' preseason opener tonight) that some of the Jets had trouble with this, having been through the battles with Pennington and Clemens. My primary concern is the way in which it shifts the football talk in New York. This is a fine time to remind all readers that the New York Giants are the reigning WORLD CHAMPIONS.

As I arrived back to the New Nexus of Hate late this morning, I was treated to an unusually large dose of useless bullshit. In the course of digesting this, I discovered that R. Kelly's upcoming album, 12 Play Fourth Quarter, had been leaked into the online realm. I thus set about the task of obtaining it for a certain Kells-obsessed friend of mine. I was beaten to the punch, but that didn't prevent me from listening to it - and totally cracking up laughing at the lyrics. I said over two months ago that I was neutral on Kells; that is clearly no longer the case. It's a rare day that I put fifteen new songs onto my iPod, but today is such a day.

During these past two weeks of leave, I've done so much, and had such a great time. Let's sum it up...
  • Watched a beautiful movie about the teenage condition, and supported the work of a high school friend
  • Attended a game at Shea Stadium, during its final season
  • Saw a Met hit his first major league home run
  • Attended a good friend's engagement party
  • Won some money at the casino, and had a lot of fun with the other players
  • Attended a game at the most historic yard in baseball
  • BTW, it was Mark Teixiera's first game with the Angels, and Manny Ramírez's last with the Red Sox
  • Saw and took video of my best friend's performance in my ancestral home
  • Lost the car I've driven for nearly six and a half years
  • Gained a replacement (NOT new) car, further proving why my Mom rocks
  • Went out drinking and partying in the greatest city in the world
  • Wrote nearly two thousand words detailing the shortcomings of the "State of Fail"
  • Hooked up with e-Scarlet in real time, and took her PNR recommendation
  • Saw and partied one of my oldest friends
  • Had authentic White Castle, on two separate occasions
  • And perhaps most importantly, generally refreshed and recharged, making me all the more capable of attacking the 284 days after this one.
That last one points to perhaps the most beautiful thing. There were several occasions in all of this that I totally forgot the count. I might actually be able to cope with going to back to work tomorrow...
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