Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

once again, not quite feeling it...

For the second consecutive off-duty night, I am not ready to throw up a full-on hate-on of my workplace. On Saturday night, I was still experiencing the afterglow of my two weeks off. Tonight, I'm simply tired. Writing about all the stress at work would require me to think a lot about work, and the thirty-three hours I spent there. One of the few positive things about what I do is that I'm legally precluded from bringing my work home with me. Not that I'd ever want to, of course. It suffices to say that my soul, wherever the Navy is keeping it locked away, has returned to its usual beaten-down state.

Only one more thing from me tonight: if you're thinking of starting or adding to a family, tomorrow's a great day to make it happen. With 280 days then left in my tenure, your family's joyous beginning and my joyous end can be celebrated together (in an ideal world, which this most certainly is not).

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