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Olympic update: I thought Tuesday night was good...

...but tonight? We've got more swimming; of course, for those of us watching here in the States, that means more Michael Phelps. We've got more gymnastics - the women's individual all-around gives the U. S. and A. a great shot to go 1-2. And even some women's beach volleyball! May-Treanor and Walsh were gutsy in pulling out the first game, and their Belgian opponents never recovered.

With all due respect to Anheuser-Busch, I don't consider "Club Bud" to be a representative slice of Beijing.

A lot of people are blaming Alicia Sacramone for the Americans' silver medal in the team competition two nights ago. That's likely not an accurate assessment; the degree of difficulty of the (likely underage) Chinese team's routines game them a significant advantage out of the gate. Whatever you think about Sacramone, give the lady some props for what she did in this video clip. (Courtesy of this IvyGate post.)

I really do love the Olympics. I'm totally with Jerry Seinfeld - it's easy for me to get into sporting events where nations get involved. (I love his routine about the negative aspects of the silver medal.) This is the first time I've watched the Games in any significant quantity since 2002, when I was back in Ithaca and had plenty of time to keep up with the action from Salt Lake. Four years ago, I was consumed with the innards of nuclear theory and passing the tests of Nuclear Power School to get into the festivities from Athens. And our schedule kept me from seeing a lot of the action from Torino. If you're really into the whole nationalistic thing, the battle in the medals table is heated. China and the United States are neck-and-neck in total medals, but China has a huge edge in golds. Regardless of that, the Olympics are great because in recent years, just about every nation in the world takes part. In fact, there are more nations represented in Beijing (204) than actual countries (193)! Nothing else brings the whole world together quite like that. Three years ago, I was totally rooting for New York City to land the Games; I'm confident that the city that never sleeps will host the world's best athletes within my lifetime.

And Soni pulls the upset over Jones in the 200 meter breaststroke! U! S! A!
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