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on the subject of sanity...

Despite this being a less than stellar week at work, I have found it a bit easier to maintain my head about me and not get completely discouraged. There have been two statements churning in my head throughout. The first is "nobody ever said this was going to be easy." I've had to constantly remind myself of that ever since I joined the Navy. Knowing that whatever the daily dose of crap is - be it broken gear, training, going to sea, or simply general stupidity - will pass away does help to lighten the burden just a little.

But more important than that has been the relatively new phrase of affirmation - "the finish line is closer than you think." Right now, it's 277 days away. That might seem like a ways off, but it's really not. 277 days ago was November 12, 2007. At that time, I was readying to attend the Cornell v. Harvard hockey game in Cambridge, and also otherwise engaged in the work of our availability. I still remember that time fairly easily. It's not the only reminder of how quickly time can seem to pass. It's already been three months since we returned to Groton; twenty-two days have elapsed since my departure on leave; and already, it's been a full week I've been back at work. Now more than ever, it's been apparent to me that, as Maroon 5 put it, "it won't be soon before long..."

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