Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Dispatches from the Deep: #9 (September 5, 2008)

This afternoon, condition AFDITA was set throughout the ship. (Ask me in private if you wish to know what that stands for.) In contrast to past instances where I, or my division, or my department have suffered, everyone felt the pain in a big way today. The cause was unavoidable, but from my seat, steps could have been taken to mitigate the damage - but no, of course not! Each of us is coping with this new development in our own way. We have to...because it's a submarine, so there isn't so much anywhere to run. Hide, maybe, but there's a finite amount of space in a black tube of a few hundred feet in length. It doesn't hit me nearly as hard as some other people on the boat, but nobody is escaping this pinch - not even the top of the chain of command.

My personal stress level is on a continual rise due to the ORSE precepts. There's just so much data that has to be brought together, and it seems as though it has to happen in a fairly short amount of time. I will be considerably relieved when the NPEB disembarks. Documentation of the stressors is ongoing, in the form of expansion of the CIVFOR list, now at 84 items. I don't doubt it'll reach triple digits by the time we get back.

I have no idea what's going on in regards to the final disposition of the Minivan o' War, because my parents haven't sent me a single e-mail since we've been out there. I guess I'll have to prompt with a message of my own.

A smile came to my face earlier when LakeErie related the Giants' victory in the season opener. Hopefully it looked as good on television as the game summary read. With that contest out of the way, my sporting attention now turns to the Met's big series against Philadelphia this weekend. I would say we could nearly put a lock on the National League East with a sweep, but anyone who knows baseball will agree that last year's events (i.e. the Great Collapse) mean there's no guarantee, even at this relatively late date.

I was graced with a stroke of fortune a few days ago, when Mumbles did a very bad thing. (For those in the know, it involved the Doc and he was precluded from the engine room for a time.) Thus I now have the one known as "D-Vag" standing to my left for six hours of each eighteen.

Things I'm endeavoring to accomplish upon our return to the Armpit of New England:
  • Play with torrents some more. I got back into BitTorrent when I attempted to download the leaked new R. Kelly album. This also enabled me to acquire the final season of Star Trek: Voyager in its entirety. I have enjoyed about half of its episodes thus far.
  • Continue on the saving path. I've put away enough American dollars to maintain the savings account above my desired minimum. But I'd like to get back to a position of being well above that number, having successfully absorbed the purchase of the Blue Trooper.
  • Investigate/apply to college! I need to get on the road to (hopefully) becoming a Stony Brook Seawolf with a quickness. It's quite possible that this will also encompass scheduling a taking of the SAT I or the ACT. Sine this is the linchpin to basically everything I do after next May 19, it is assigned a high priority value.
And that is that for now. From the depths, sea power...and anguish.

Set me free, let me be
I don't want to fall another moment
Into your gravity
Here I am, and I stand so tall
Just the way I'm supposed to be
But you're onto me, and all over me...

- Sara Bareilles, "Gravity"
Tags: college take two, memphis, navy hate, sports

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