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and, we're spent!

No, really, we are. You could combine a Vermont alpine slide and a water side at Splish Splash, and you wouldn't come close to equaling the number of curve balls this underway has thrown at us. We're back at the previously undisclosed port, once again here for emergent repairs. This place is starting to become a second home to the crew of the Submersible Death Trap. In fact, one of my many esteemed colleagues, MoneyMaker, is trying to play World of Warcraft right next to me. I have no objection to this; any diversion from the misery of underway life is most welcome, no matter now much I disagree with it.

It's funny that I should be posting on this day. For well more than a decade (since 1996, to be exact), my Internet handle has ended with the numbers "248." And on this night, that is indeed the number of days I have remaining in the Seagoing Military Force. A small irony, but one worth mentioning nonetheless.

Back to the underway. It's the type that really reminds you not why you might consider re-enlisting, but instead of the reasons to separate. Arg arg.

A commercial for Rock Band 2 just appeared on the TV we're watching. Many of my co-workers are rejoicing in delight. Very Nice!

And now I shall respect and drink to the slices of awesome in my life. To Bill Simmons. To Tucker Max. To Razzy. To e-Scarlet. To B-Dub, despite her desire to keep a low Internet profile. To my parents, who have influenced this in ways I never imagined possible. To my brother and his fiancé, who have not been mentioned here nearly enough. And to all my readers. Those who keep up with this, for whatever reason, are the ones that make it truly worthwhile.

With that, the fluid ounces continue...
Tags: memphis, navy hate, undersea life

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