Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

An honorable victory was won this day...

Well, at least in our first engagement. We "took down" the enemy and are waiting to begin our next encounter. Fortunately, we're probably done with "battle stations," during which the whole ship is awake and at the ready to combat a casualty. Each time I get myself on station, it amazes me how we get from normal tempo (during which much of the crew is sleeping) to that heightened state of readiness in about five minutes.

Another desirable outcome may be in the works regarding the Post-Navy Roadtrip. If the college plan goes through as I expect, I may still take the trip - but move it three weeks sooner. That means I'd leave on May 1, a fitting way to celebrate my 28th birthday. And the back end would have me in Boston for the Fourth of July, with the return to Northport on the 6th. Most importantly, it would give mt those three extra weeks to seek and obtain a residence on Long Island; the short time associated with a return on the 27th was the primary factor in my thoughts of scuttling the trip. Of course, the way ahead must be clarified, and the Blue Trooper must support the operation, but I'm glad I found an option that could let me have my cake and eat it too, so to speak.
Tags: boston, road trips, undersea life

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