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a weird concept, this "dry land" ...

At long last, we're back home. I know I hated on Connecticut at length last month, but the sight of the Submersible Death Trap moored to a pier at SUBASE New London was most welcome this afternoon. I'm not a religious man, but if there is a God, he clearly paid heed to the movement message heralding our return - because the weather was spectacular. Mid sixties, a light breeze, a few clouds. As with every return to homeport, one savors the small things - packing up stuff, firing up the Blue Trooper (with the windows and sun roof open, of course), opening the apartment after five and a half take note of each, because they're so much rarer in an operational command. The illusion of peace was jarred slightly when I realized I'd left my phone on the boat. Since I was headed back across the river to Groton for dinner, I elected to pick it up. Said dinner was Applebee's, and was scrumptious. It's clear proof that I'm not exactly high-class or "white collar" that I consider a meal at the Neighborhood Grill and Bar to be treating myself.

I didn't quite finish everything; maybe my stomach is getting smaller. That would certainly comport with the measurement I took this afternoon...another seven pounds off since the end of the last long underway. I'm now down to 162; that number was more than enough motivation to hit the treadmill. As my weight does down, that of one of my co-workers is trending in the opposite direction, to noticeable effect. Let's put it this way - I recently wondered how many weeks along he was, and whether he was due for an ultrasound.

Some deaths to note this evening. This past Friday, Ned Harkness, coach of three national championship hockey teams (one at RPI and two at Cornell) died on his 89th birthday. It's a great loss for the entire college hockey world. He planted the seeds from which sprouted Cornell's twin traditions of excellence on the ice and some of the most raucous fan support you'll find anywhere in sports. I never met the man legend personally, but I did get to see him in the flesh when he and many of his former players came back to Lynah Rink at homecoming weekend last year. (Harkness is at the far end of the line in that photo.)

Much more unsettling were the reports, first relayed to me this morning, that a Sailor on USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) died as a result of a nasty mishap. I join the entire Submarine Force in grieving with his family and with Nebraska's crew. It's a blunt reminder of the gravity of the dangers in this thing we do.

My (WORLD CHAMPION) Giants are 3-0, having defeated the Bengals in overtime on Sunday. One of my superiors, "JackBauer," is a Cincinnati native and Bengals fan; despite the loss, he was pleased with the team's play, noting the game went into extra time, and that the Bengals had found their offense. As for the Mets, they're locked in the throes of a death struggle for the playoffs. Presently I'm watching them battle the Cubs; I'm fortunate that MetroCast carries SNY. I'm right with Jerry Manuel - it doesn't matter if it's a division title or the wild card, just get us in and give us a fresh chance.

Final notes tonight: A lot of new content went up today; to be precise, the eight entries that I wrote since I was last up. They were all posted today, though the dates attached reflect when they were actually written. I'll have more to say on the country's financial situation soon, after I read up more about it. And I am somewhat annoyed by the hair that somehow made its way under the top layer of my computer's screen. I have no idea how to get it out. But when contrasted against being back on home soil, it's no big deal at all.
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