Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Memo to magicians: STICK TO MAGIC

I have not closely followed the career arc of David Blaine. The one thing I remember concerning him was a joke from Chris Rock during Never Scared, where the comedian remarked that Blaine was a "trickless magician." He went on to say of Blaine's Above the Below stunt (where he was in a clear Plexiglas box): "I'm in a box, and I ain't gonna eat. That ain't no trick; that's called living in the projects!"

So I was blissfully unaware that Blaine had decided to hang himself upside down over Central Park's Wollman Rink, until my return from this most recent underway. Two bloggers, fully independent of one another, came to the same conclusion; that this endeavor was pure folly. And I am forced to concur with the eminent wisdom of both Razzy and Erin and wish for the demise of this "magician." The various stunts that have undeservedly earned him fame are in fact not magic; they fall instead into the category of endurance challenges. I'm a fan of those types of things. The thing is, if you're going to do them, you have to make them cool. Like, marathons, or at least 10-kilometer races. Or introduce high European mountain ranges. David Blaine, I challenge you to attempt the Tour de France. Given your apparent stamina, I'll concede you might make it through the first week of flat stages. But I don't see you surviving through a time trial, much less a "hors-catégorie" climb. You need to get back to magic - and disappear at your earliest convenience.
Tags: insanity

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