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Last night, we had a going-away party for four colleagues who recently departed the Submersible Death Trap. There were two main rules: one, togas had to be worn, and two, the vessel of consumption had to be something not designed to hold a drink. As you can see above, I adhered to both those rules; both my presence and my flower pot were well received. I needed some electrical tape to seal up the four holes in the bottom, and it served its purpose well. The most innovative container was a hollowed-out watermelon. There was a gas can, a hub cap, a boot, a road cone. The party was mostly populated by those from the forward end; CornFed (who drank from a flashlight) and I were the only nukes there.

Normally, I avoid gatherings of my co-workers. I explained this a bit last December, but this time was different; it wasn't a boat-sponsored event, and thus there might have been a chance to end the "interminable streak." Of course, I failed at this pursuit. At least one person cashed in, and others may have as well. I kept the alcohol level in check, and I'm glad I did; one man went overboard, and had to be dealt with. I had a good time, and I got a fine new picture for my MySpace and Facebook profiles.
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