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I'll take "things that don't quite fit into a full entry" ...

True loyalists of tfo will know that every now and then, I talk about the personal solid waste removal process. It is indeed that time again...sort of. Last night, just before leaving for the party, I somehow managed to run out of toilet paper. I used one of the many kimwipes (basically super-strength paper towels) I've removed from the boat. This afternoon, when I went to flush, the toilet filled, but nothing left. I figured the kimwipe to be the likely cause, and resolved never to dispose of one in the toilet again. While I wanted to obtain the necessary items to correct this, I could not tear myself away from the Mets game. Once that was done, I headed out and picked up a plunger...and twenty rolls of TP. I was successful at clearing the blockage in the line, thus restoring my toilet to full functionality.

I return from a long and arduous underway, and have the entirety of the weekend free of duty. It happens to coincide with Cornell's homecoming Bonecoming...and I can't make it up to Ithaca. High-level boo. The Big Red won by the exact same score as last year (17-14). Of course, it makes me recall the equivalent weekend last year, when I visited Cornell for the first time since I was an undergraduate there. It also reminds me that this is the last time stupid things like "operational schedules" will prevent me from making the trek back to central New York. I intend to be there next year, and I might even get myself a hotel room.

How would you feel if someone came into your house and stole twenty three hundred American dollars from you? Not too good, I'd bet. Well, it's happening, and not just to you...but to every American. $700,000,000,000. The American people are not fooled by this; I read that the opposition outnumbers the support by as much as twenty to one. Even after getting back and seeing just how bad it is, I'm still convinced that it's not what we need. Mark Cuban has been churning out piece after piece on this topic, and I think he's right; the government's intervention does nothing to change the fundamentals of the markets. We're decoupling risk and reward even more, and that has the potential to continue to protect bad decisions and those who make them. And then there's the matter of the Constitution; it doesn't at all support this kind of action. The bailout may stabilize things in the short run, but I think it does far more damage long-term - because it's another step away from our heritage of freedom.
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