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We must commence this evening with a call to keep faith with my brother. Last Wednesday, he suffered a partially collapsed lung, and has been recovering since. I spoke with him earlier this evening, and his recuperation appears to be proceeding apace. He also promised to return the album he unknowingly took from me, when he removed the radio console form the late Minivan o' War.

That CD was, of course, Little Voice, from the incomparable Sara Bareilles. As I arrived home this afternoon, I noted an email from her mailing list, informing me she'd be playing on tonight's "Lipstick Jungle." And yes, I held out for over half an hour before I saw her beautiful visage and heard her amazing voice. There is a high probability that I'll be able to attend her show on November 5 in Hartford. Given the constant flux of the Submersible Death Trap's schedule, I can't buy the tickets just yet. But I am still very excite about seeing this slice of awesome HOT PIECE.

A couple of days ago, LakeErie departed the boat for the last time. Like myself, he is of the Sheryl Crow philosophy; that is to say, "a change, will do you good" ... He was one of my closer colleagues on the SDT. That closeness stemmed not only from our similar opinions on continuing service in the Seagoing Military Force, but more from our shared passion: sport. Many a time in the shipyard, we'd be paired together for a quarter of a day, and we'd always generate some good conversation. He was a consistent authority not only on the Cleveland teams, but on all the North American professional leagues. In this, there were few on the boat who could rival him. On Monday, he stepped into "the box" for the last time, and as he left, I told him it was a pleasure and an honor to serve with him. I don't recall having said that to any other departing colleague. J. P., I wish you all the best in whatever course you choose to pursue.

And we close with a bit of levity...thanks, once again, to PrisonBreak. I found and scanned this document that he created:
Tags: comedy, memphis, sara bareilles

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