Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Dispatches from the Deep - October 15, 2008

This underway is going quickly, which is something that helps to counter its brutal operational pace. There are drills aplenty to keep us occupied, and to keep us awake far longer than we probably should be. With opportunities for sleep at a premium, one must often resort to the technique known as "battle rack." This means climbing into the rack after removing only one's shoes, leaving the coveralls and underclothes on. Now, conceive of the civilian equivalent. Consider coming home from work, having dinner, and then getting into bed fully clothed in anticipation of being called back at any moment. That is only one of the many reasons why the incentive pays and bonuses in this line of work have to be so high.

I have developed another statistic to track the hate; it's called the LoGAS, or "level of give a shit." Definition:
f(x) = cos [(pi/2)*(percentage of enlistment complete)]
Thus it starts off at 100% and slopes down slowly at first, dropping off more gradually the closer you get to the end, until finally reaching zero at EAOS. I'm currently at 15.4%. Hooray for ultimately useless numbers.

With us being as busy as we are, there isn't mush time to be concerned with what's going on back on land. I have read that the stock market is continuing to take a bath. I know that that Giants lost, the Phillies are quite close to the World Series, and Tampa Bay is still hanging around - much, much longer than anyone expected. And another pro hockey season has begun - predictably, with an Islanders loss. I have not raised hopes of them doing very much this year; they really didn't upgrade the playing staff very much, and they're under the tutelage of yet another first-year head coach. Maybe they'll surprise, but I won't be surprised if they don't make the playoffs.
Tags: memphis, navy hate, new york giants, new york islanders

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