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Some of my favorite lines from Friday night:

"As Stuart Scott would say, [Breean] Walas, as cool as the other side of the pillow." - after Walas sank three free throws to cut Cornell's deficit to five

"Stevens for three...GOOD! Unbelievable! Two-point game, 62-60!!" (at this point, I am screaming into the mic beause I can't hear anything)

"As the band kicking up Gary Glitter, its usual song to start the third period at Lynah Rink, getting the crowd fired up. The crowd - I don't think the crowd needs any help right now."

"We could not have asked for anything less when we got the rights to broadcast this game."
(I meant to say 'more' in place of 'less')

"When we had Karen Force on 'Sports Roundup' last Sunday night, she said she had absolute confidence in Do Stevens' ability to make those foul shots. Now it is Karen Force's turn. She has the shot - the rock in her hand, the ability to win the game for the Big Red, or at least tie it, possibly send it to another overtime...This is absolute pressure here."

Even though Cornell lost the game 77-75 in double overtime, I still had a blast calling it. Unfortunately, I can't dub the tape from the VCR tape onto an audio tape. Stupid equipment.

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